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HealthCorrelator for Excel (product page)

   User friendly Excel-based software that unveils important associations among health variables.

Some of its noteworthy features:
   - Easy to use yet powerful health management software.
   - Estimates associations among any number of health variables.
   - Automatically orders associations by decreasing strength.
   - Graphs relationships between pairs of health variables, for all possible combinations.


WarpPLS (product page)


     A powerful structural equation modeling (SEM) software.


Some of its noteworthy features:

     - Easy to use, with a step-by-step user interface guide.

     - Identifies nonlinear relationships, and estimates path coefficients accordingly.

     - Models reflective and formative variables, as well as moderating effects.

     - Calculates P values, model fit indices, and multicolinearity estimates.

     - Calculates indirect effects for paths with 2, 3 etc. segments; as well as total effects.


Customized products (contact us for more details)


     Customized software products designed to automate industry- or company-specific business processes.


Main areas:

    - Data mining.

    - Forecasting based on historical data.

    - Analysis of nonlinear relationships between business variables.

    - Novel algorithms to solve complex numeric problems.